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About Me



I started teaching Yoga 12 years ago in India, where i first learned the practice.

Since then, Yoga has been big part of my life and sharing Yoga became my journey.

My passions in this world are Yoga, travelling, good food, and my family...


My Yoga

DidiYoga offers several types of practice:

Vinyasa Yoga: A yoga style that combines yoga flow and breath.

AcroYoga: A beautiful play that combines Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai-Massage.

Pregnancy & Maternity Yoga: A special preparation for pregnant women for childbirth and after it.



Feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or just come to a class at the DidiYoga Studio in Barcelona!

Carrer de Muntaner, 335 

Barcelona 08021, Spain

PHONE NUMBER: +34-635301103

EMAIL: didiyoga123@gmail.com

Carrer de Muntaner 335, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

didiyoga123@gmail.com  +34-635301103

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